Quran vs Hadiths

The Quran teaches us to obey God’s messengers, worship God alone, and not uphold any sources beside the Quran. This article contains the supporting verses from the Quran.

Traditional Muslims believe the Quran and Hadith go hand in hand. Their argument is that the Quran says to follow the messenger, and assume the only way to follow the messenger is to follow Hadiths, or “sayings of Prophet Muhammad”.

Those who follow Hadiths are actually disobeying the messenger, as the Prophet was prohibited from explaining any other religious teachings besides the Quran.

Role of Muhammad to deliver the Quran

The sole duty of the messenger is to deliver the message and God knows everything you declare and everything you conceal. 5:99

The idol worshipers say “Had God willed we would not worship any idols besides Him nor would our parents. Nor would we prohibit anything besides His prohibitions.” Those before them have done the same. Can the messengers do anything but deliver the complete message? 16:35

Anyone who refuses to believe in God and His messenger we have prepared for the disbelievers a hellfire. 48:13

Muhammad follows only what was revealed to him

When our revelations are recited to them those who do not expect to meet us say “Bring a Quran other than this or change it!” Say “I cannot possibly change it on my own. I simply follow what is revealed to me. I fear if I disobey my Lord the retribution of an great day.” 10:15

From this verse it is obvious Muhammad only follows the Quran. Therefore Muslims would be obeying Muhammad if they followed the Quran alone.

Muhammad was forbidden to write other religious sources such as Hadiths:

“Had he uttered any other teachings, we would have punished him. We would have stopped the revelations to him.” 69:44-46

Muhammad collected the Quran with the help of God and the Angels

The human being will be his own judge. No excuses will be excepted. Do not move your tongue to hasten it. It is we who will collect it into Quran. Once we recite it, you shall follow such a Quran. Then it is We who will explain it. 75:14-19

Hadiths themselves even forbid Muhammad from writing anything else down

The Prophet said, “Do not write down anything from me except the Quran.” [Ahmed, Vol. 1, Page 171, and Sahih Muslim]

“Do not write from me anything except the Quran. And whoever has written anything from me other than the Quran should erase it.” (Ibn Hanbal & Muslim)

God condemns “Hadith” by name, and informs us that it is a blasphemous fabrication

Hadiths were written 200 years after the revelation of the Quran. The term Hadith basically means “narration”, in Arabic there are more than one word to describe “narration” such as Rasaala, Kitaab, despite this fact Quran deliberately used the word “Hadith” because God knew that in future the disbelievers will call this fictitious narration Hadith, as it is known now.

.. This is not fabricated Hadith; this (Quran) confirms all previous scriptures, provides the details of everything, and is a beacon and mercy for those who believe. 12:111

Have they not looked at the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all the things God has created? Does it ever occur to them that the end of their life may be near? Which Hadith, beside this, do they believe in? 7:185

Woe on that day to the rejecters.
 Which Hadith other than this do they uphold? 77:49-50

These are God’s revelations that we recite to you truthfully. In which Hadith other than God and His revelations do they believe? 45:6

..Whose narration is more truthful than God’s? 4:87

Quran: the best Hadith (Scripture)

We have given them a scripture that is fully detailed with knowledge guidance and mercy for the people who believe. 7:52

God has revealed herein the best Hadith; a book that is consistent, and points out both ways (to Heaven and Hell). The skins of those who reverence their Lord cringe therefrom, then their skins and their hearts soften up for God’s message. Such is God’s guidance; He bestows it upon whoever wills (to be guided). As for those sent astray by God, nothing can guide them. 39:23

God challenges followers of Hadith

Let them produce a Hadith like this, if they are truthful. 52:34

Do you have another book to uphold? 68:37

Therefore, let Me deal with those who reject this Hadith; we will lead them on whence they never perceive. 68:44

The Quran informs us that some enemies of the Prophet will fabricate lies and attribute them to the Prophet

We have permitted the enemies of every prophet – human and jinn devils – to inspire in each other fancy words in order to deceive. Had your Lord willed they would not have done it. You shall disregard them and their fabrications. 6:112

We also set up against every prophet enemies from among the guilty. Your Lord suffices as a guide a master. 25:31

This is precisely what happened after the prophet Muhammad’s death; Hadith (oral) and Sunna (actions) were invented and attributed to the Prophet.

Hadiths turn followers away from God

Among the people, there are those who uphold baseless Hadith, and thus divert others from the path of God without knowledge, and take it in vain. These have incurred a shameful retribution. 31:6

Under the guise of their apparent faith they repel the people from the path of God. Miserable indeed is what they do.

This is because they believed then disbelieved. Hence their hearts are blocked; they do not understand. 63:3

Those who are attracted to Hadith and Sunna are proven to be false believers

This is to let the minds of those who do not believe in the Hereafter listen to such fabrications and accept them and thus expose their real convictions. 6:113

God sends them astray

Derived from Hadiths, Muslims have divided themselves into sects (Sunni and Shia) and thus are fighting each other for prominence, instead of choosing God’s perfect religion. Consequently God sends them astray.

Why should you divide yourselves into two groups regarding hypocrites (among you)? God is the one who condemned them because of their own behaviour. Do you want to guide those who are sent astray by God? Whomever God sends astray, you can never find a way to guide them. 4:88

We will deal with the dividers. They accept the Quran only partially. By your Lord, we will question them all, about everything they have done. Therefore, carry out the orders given to you, and disregard the idol worshippers. 15:90-94

Those who categories themselves into “Sects” are not Muslims

(Do not be) like those who divide their religion into sects; each party rejoicing with what they have. 30:32

Those who divide themselves into sects do not belong with you. Their judgment rests with God then He will inform them of everything they had done. 6:159

Ironically they broke up into sects only after the knowledge had come to them due to jealousy and resentment among themselves. If it were not for a predetermined decision from your Lord to respite them for a definite interim they would have been judged immediately. Indeed the later generations who inherited the scripture are full of doubts. 42:14

Violating God’s law

You shall recite what is revealed to you of your Lord’s book. Nothing shall abrogate His words and you shall not find any other source beside it. 18:27

To uphold other sources beside the Quran is showing disbelief in God’s revelations. In conclusion, hadith and sunnah have no religious significance; following them is an invitation to calamity in this world and in the hereafter.

Are you disregarding this narration? 56:81

Those who reject God’s revelations are disbelievers.

“As for those who disbelieve and reject our revelations they will be dwellers of Hell wherein they abide forever.” 2:39

The words “our revelations” signifies God whose revelations were delivered by Gabriel to Muhammad all these three entities constitute “our”. Hadiths were written by humans which did not involve Gabriel.

The Religion of Islam is corrupted

They have set up their religious leaders and scholars as lords, instead of God. Others defied the Messiah son of Mary. They were all commanded to worship only one god. There is no god except He. Be He glorified, high above having any partners. 9:31

If you consult the “Muslim scholars” about worshiping God alone, and upholding the word of God alone, as taught in this proven scripture, they will advise you against it. If you consult the Pope about the identity of Jesus, he will advise you to uphold a trinity. If you obey the “Muslim scholars” whose advice is contrary to God’s teachings, or if you take the Pope’s advice instead of God’s, you have set up these religious leaders as gods instead of God.

Muslims who follow so called scholars are practising Idol Worship

The majority of those who believe in God do not do so without committing idol worship. 12:106

They follow idols who decree for them religious laws never authorized by God. 42:21

Why should we rely on so called scholars for religious guidance?

Is it the law of the days of ignorance that they seek to uphold? Whose law is better than God’s for those who have attained certainty? 5:50

The day they are thrown into Hell they will say “Oh we wish we obeyed God and obeyed the messenger.” 33:66

They will also say “Our Lord we have obeyed our masters and leaders but they lead us astray”. 33:67

God is our teacher

The Most Gracious. Teacher of the Quran. 55:1-2

There are other guiding teachers as well

Those who disbelieved say, “If only a miracle could come down to him from his Lord (we will then believe).” You are simply a warner – every community receives a guiding teacher. 13:7

Is there any equal to the One who controls every single soul? Yet, they set up idols to rival God. Say, “Name them. Are you informing Him of something on earth that He does not know? Or, are you fabricating empty statements?” Indeed, the schemes of those who disbelieve have been adorned in their eyes. They are thus diverted from the right path. Whomever God sends astray can never find a guiding teacher. 13:33

Idol worship in Mosques

There are those who abuse the masjid by practicing idol worship dividing the believers and providing comfort to those who oppose God and His messenger. They solemnly swear: “Our intentions are honourable!” God bears witness that they are liars. 9:107

Any masjid where the practices are not devoted absolutely to God ALONE belongs to Satan, not God.

The idol worshipers are not to frequent the masjid’s of God while confessing their disbelief. These have nullified their works and they will abide forever in Hell.

Religious leaders have granted only Shia and Sunni Muslims entry to the Mosque at Mecca

Surely, those who disbelieve and repulse others from the path of God, and from the Sacred Masjid that we designated for all the people – be they natives or visitors – and seek to pollute it and corrupt it, we will afflict them with painful retribution. 22:25

Those who prefer Prophet Muhammad over other messengers are making distinction between God’s messengers:

Those who disbelieve in God and His messengers, and seek to make distinction among God and His messengers, and say, “We believe in some and reject some,” and wish to follow a path in between; these are the real disbelievers. We have prepared for the disbelievers a shameful retribution. 4:150-151

Muhammad was no more than a messenger like the messengers before him. 3:144

All religious duties were revealed through Abraham

You shall strive for the cause of God as you should strive for His cause. He has chosen you and has placed no hardship on you in practicing your religion – the religion of your father Abraham. He is the one who named you “Submitters” originally. Thus, the messenger shall serve as a witness among you, and you shall serve as witnesses among the people. Therefore, you shall observe the Contact Prayers (Salat) and give the obligatory charity (Zakat), and hold fast to God; He is your Lord, the best Lord and the best Supporter. 22:78

The False Shadaha: There is no god beside God, and Muhammad is His Messenger

Traditional Muslims learn from Hadiths one is guaranteed acceptance into heaven once one proclaims the Shahada.

When they are told, “La Elaha Ella Allah [There is no other god beside Allah],” they turned arrogant. 37:35

Never would a human being whom God blessed with the scripture and prophet hood say to the people “Idolize me beside God.” Instead (he would say) “Devote yourselves absolutely to your Lord alone” according to the scripture you preach and the teachings you learn. 3:79

Nor would he command you to idolize the angels and the prophets as lords. Would he exhort you to disbelieve after becoming submitters? 3:80

Heaven and Hell is for Ever

Traditional Muslims believe they will be rescued from Hell after being punished for a brief interim.

Have you noted those who were given part of the scripture and how they are invited to uphold this scripture of God and apply it to their own lives then some of them turn away in aversion? This is because they said “The hellfire will not touch us except for a few days.” They were thus deceived in their religion by their own fabrications. 3:23-24

Altering the Sacred Months

Altering the Sacred Months is a sign of excessive disbelief; it augments the straying of those who have disbelieved. They alternate the Sacred Months and the regular months while preserving the number of months consecrated by God. They thus violate what God has consecrated. Their evil works are adorned in their eyes. God does not guide the disbelieving people. 9:37

The Sacred Months according to the corrupted Muslim World are Rajab, Zul-Qe`dah, Zul-Hijjah, and Muharram (7th, 11th, 12th and 1st months of the Islamic Calendar). A careful study of the Quran, however, reveals that they should be Zul-Hijjah, Muharram, Safar, and Rabi I (12th, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd months).

Muhammad will not intercede on behalf of his followers

Traditional Muslims believe Muhammad will intercede on the Day of Resurrection, but God says otherwise.

They worship beside God idols that possess no power to harm them or benefit them and they say “These are our intercessors at God!” Say “Are you informing God of something He does not know in the heavens or the earth?” Be He glorified. He is the Most High; far above needing partners. 10:18

Their idols will have no power to intercede on their behalf; on the contrary, they will disown their idols. 30:13

Beware of the day when no soul can avail another soul, no intercession will be accepted, no ransom can be paid nor can anyone be helped. 2:48

God judges equitably, while the idols they implore beside Him cannot judge anything. God is the One who is the Hearer, Seer. 40:20

Scholars deny the Miracle of 19

Religious scholars out of jealousy have hidden the fact that the number 19 is encoded throughout the Quran. They are showing disbelief in the Quran when it clearly states in verse 74:30: Over it is nineteen… 74:35: this is one of the great miracles.

The Quran’s 19 miracle provides mathematical evidence that the Quran shall be our only source of religious teachings. Here are just 2 examples:

  1. “We did not leave anything out of this book,” is in Verse 38 (19×2) and consists of 19 Arabic letters (6:38).
  2. “He sent down this book fully detailed,” is in Verse 114 (19×6) and consists of 19 Arabic letters (6:114).

Muhammad was the final Prophet, but not the final messenger

Muhammad was not the father of any man among you. He was a messenger of God and the final prophet. God is fully aware of all things. 33:40


After all scriptures are revealed, God will send a messenger

God took a covenant from the prophets saying “I will give you the scripture and wisdom. Afterwards a messenger will come to confirm all existing scriptures. You shall believe in him and support him.” He said “Do you agree with this and pledge to fulfill this covenant?” They said “We agree.” He said “You have thus borne witness and I bear witness along with you. Those who reject this (Quranic truth) are the evil ones. 3:81-82

God is warning those who disbelieve in Rashad Khalifa are destined for Hell.



17:46 proclaims that we shall uphold the Quran ALONE.

The word “ALONE” occurs in the Quran 6 times: 7:70, 17:46, 39:45, 40: 12 & 84, and 60:4. All these occurrences refer to God, except 17:46. When we add the numbers of suras and verses which refer to “GOD ALONE,” we get 361, 19×19. This proves that 17:46 refers to “the Quran ALONE.”

We place shields around their minds to prevent them from understanding it and deafness in their ears. And when you mention your Lord using the Quran alone they run away in aversion. 17:46

Pre-occupation with Hadith makes interpretations of the Quran wrong

Religious scholars who rely on Hadiths to explain the Quran are unable to translate verse 18:27:

Rashad Khalifa: You shall recite what is revealed to you of your Lord’s scripture. Nothing shall abrogate His words, and you shall not find any other source beside it (the Quran).
Sahih International: ..and never will you find in other than Him a refuge.
Yusuf Ali: ..and none wilt thou find as a refuge other than Him.
Shakir: ..and you shall not find any refuge besides Him.

Rashad Khalifa: No one can grasp it except the sincere.
Sahih International: None touch it except the purified.
Yusuf Ali: Which none shall touch but those who are clean.
Shakir: None shall touch it save the purified ones.

Rashad Khalifa’s footnote of 56:79 reads: 56:79 The insincere who are not satisfied with the Quran alone are divinely prevented from understanding the Quran. This concept is repeated throughout the Quran (17:45-4618:57). Consequently, they cannot understand this verse. For example, compare Rashad’s translation of 7:317:4641:44, and 56:79 with other translations.

For that reason God has not given them the understanding of the Quran:

We only send the messengers as simply deliverers of good news as well as warners. Those who disbelieve argue with falsehood to defeat the truth and they take My proofs and warnings in vain. 18:56

Who are more evil than those who are reminded of their Lord’s proofs then disregard them without realizing what they are doing. Consequently we place shields on their hearts to prevent them from understanding it and deafness in their ears. Thus no matter what you do to guide them they can never ever be guided. 18:57

Quran is all we need

Shall I seek other than God as a source of law when He has revealed to you this book fully detailed? Those who received the scripture recognize that it has been revealed from your Lord truthfully. You shall not harbour any doubt. 6:114

Upholding any source beside the Quran reflects disbelief in the Quran.

You shall not accept any information unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing the eyesight and the brain and you are responsible for using them. 17:36

We are commanded to use the Quran to verify all information; therefore there is no purpose of having other sources such as Hadith and Sunna.

You will find that there is no substitute for the Sunna of God. Quran 33:62

Praise God, who revealed to His servant this scripture, and made it flawless. Quran 18:1